sexta-feira, 30 de março de 2012

Vem cá ... e sorri!! =))

Hello there ... 
so, are you sad or are you happy?

cupcakes, cute, heart, mini, ribbon

but if you're sad, don't be!

because ...

card, cry, hipster, inspirational, mayday parade

And now, SMILE!!

beautiful, boy, one direction, smile, zayn malik

yep, don't look at me like this!!

beautiful, cat, cute, looking, photography

You have to dream and live your dreams. 

carroussel, cool, cute, horse, nails

black and white, butterflies, girl

You have to see life in another prism 

avila11, b&w, baby, beautiful, boy

danzig, danzig mom, devil horns, grandmother, misfits

and now that you're already smiling, confess ... that what you want are some boots like those:

crafts, girls , handmade, heart, love

one body like this:

cow boy, toy, toy story, woody

and some sugar like this!!

chocolate, raspberries, strawberries

cute, heart, pink

candy, cute, ice-cram, sweet

are you smiling? or i'll have to catch you and make you suffer with tickles, han???

boo, bouh, cat, rawr 

3 comentários:

  1. Se a tristeza não paga dívidas o melhor mesmo é ser feliz. :)

  2. Que coisas mais lindas! Já conseguiste pôr-me bem disposta.

  3. Acho que me conseguiste por a sorrir, e muito :D



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